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What makes Endeavour different from other providers?

Endeavour Technical Training is one of the leading training facilities of its kind for three simple reasons.


Finish what you start: From start to finish we stay with our trainees through to employment.  Once you've got that apprenticeship then we might leave you alone. Even then we'll still check to see how you are getting on.

Earn while you learn: Why learn a skillset if you can't start putting it to good use. We give our trainees the means and resources to earn money onsite while they learn which isn't offered anywhere else. Apprenticeships as they should be.

Train don't study: Our trainees stopped being students when they left school. We treat everyone like employees and make sure trainees are satisfied as well as us that they've mastered a topic. Anyone can pass a test. 


This place is very good for training to be a apprentice for the mechanical industry. I’ve learnt a lot from being here considering I’ve only been here from the start of the year.

Steve D


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